Applying for disability is stressful and can be especially difficult for both the person who is ill and their caretaker. My husband and I reached out to Kate to appeal an employer disability case and she not only made the appeal process as low-stress as possible, but also won our case for us! Kate continues to lift the burden off our shoulders during the process of applying for social security disability by taking responsibility over everything she can, and by continuing to move the case along with the lowest amount of our participation possible so we can continue to focus on taking care of me and getting me better. She is incredibly knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. We highly recommend her to others.  -DF


I’m have been a practicing attorney for nearly 30 years and I hired Kate to represent me for a Long Term Disability claim. One of the best decisions I ever made! Like many people I had read many of the horror stories of how the insurance companies act and treat claimants. The stories are all true and in my case it was worse than what I expected. Kate dealt with multiple parties, (my doctors, insurance doctors, claim investigators, etc.) to finally resolve my claim. The insurance company turned off my benefits after 60 days and tried to rewrite the contract after 6 years of paying premiums. The demand letter as well as the research Kate did in advance were nothing short of extraordinary. I would absolutely recommend Kate without reservation for any matter dealing with Disability Insurance. She is the ultimate professional!  – Anonymous


Katherine Sullivan is an attorney who truly cares.  She is always available to her clients. Her knowledge and professionalism is commendable. I am so appreciative that I can call her my lawyer.  – MG  


I just wanted to make sure you realize how grateful I am and thank you for your involvement in my disability case. Having to make the decision to stop working before you can even apply for benefits is daunting enough, never mind HR dealings and having your initial claim denied. As I’ve told friends and family, if Kate was not involved, I would not have gotten the benefits I so needed, was entitled to and deserved. Simply put – Erin and I can now carry on with our lives and face things with some amount of security. I can’t begin to express how important your help was and continues to be. Thank You Very Much. – JB


Kate was recommended to me by another trusted attorney.  Her input was invaluable and well worth it!  After working for over 30 years as a physician, I was fighting with a private disability company to prove my disability to their “independent” assessors.  Disability is inherently discouraging and depressing.  Kate reviewed and thoroughly understood my case, gave expert and well thought out advice as to how to best proceed and obtained a positive outcome for me and my family.  – Barbara A., MD


First and foremost, with Kate I avoided the burdens and pitfalls of dealing with a private disability company that, I came to suspect, did not put my physical or financial survival first. Hiring Kate allowed me to concentrate on my health and not worry about the potential loss of my vital income or my home. Kate knows the disability system and the players like the back of her hand. I didn’t know anything—didn’t want to have to know anything and, with Kate as my intermediary, didn’t have to know anything. Plus, Kate is a pleasure to deal with, empathetic, and thoroughly trustworthy. To top it off, she offers her clients a secure communications portal to use for exchanging confidential information, which is something every lawyer should be doing nowadays, IMHO. I would hire her again without the slightest -hesitation. Kate’s fee in exchange for my peace of mind was a bargain!  – MS


Kate is well versed in the area of disability law.  With her extensive experience dealing with health care providers, insurance companies, and government agencies, she guided me through the process.  Kate always displayed professionalism, listened to my concerns, and answered questions clearly.  Her insights were especially appreciated when completing forms, submitting documentation and speaking with insurance companies.  In addition, most of all, she helped lessen the anxiety about the disability insurance process.  Kate puts her clients first, and her main goal is to obtain the benefits her clients deserve. – Anonymous


I am writing to recommend the services of The Law Office of Katherine Sullivan. Being in the insurance business my entire adult life, I thought I could handle the short-term disability on my own when my hands and wrists began to deteriorate. I was incorrect in that assumption. I could not get the short-term disability carrier to pay me for a single day of short-term disability pay. Not only was I declined but when I appealed, I was still declined.  It was only after Attorney Katherine Sullivan entered my life that I was able to get knowledge and professional advice so that my entire claim turned around. Not only was I able to get short term disability and long-term disability, I was able to be awarded social security disability. As you would expect, this was a very traumatic time in my life and thank god for attorneys like Katherine Sullivan.  – MB