Chronic Lyme Case Summaries

Kate represented a client suffering from Chronic Lyme who had been denied STD benefits who had already filed and lost her appeal for STD benefits. Kate filed an application for LTD benefits for the client and when the LTD claim was denied, Kate appealed. The appeal was successful, and Cigna then reversed its original decision on the STD claim as well, winning the client nearly two years of back benefits.

Post Chemotherapy Cognitive Limitations Case Summaries

Kate represented a woman who suffered from post chemotherapy cognitive limitations.  Cigna had terminated her benefits claiming that the client could return to work because she had proven her ability to work by attempting to teach a simple writing class.   Kate filed the appeal and successfully demonstrated to Cigna that the client had significant limitations due to her post chemotherapy deficits and was not capable of returning to work in any capacity.

Symptoms of Arthritis Case Summaries

Kate represented a client who was struggling to stay at work and meet the demands of his job due to the increasing symptoms from his significant arthritis in his feet, ankles and back. His employer was encouraging him to consider stopping work and applying for disability.  The client left work, applied for benefits and was denied LTD.  Kate appealed arguing that the insurance company had misclassified the client’s job as a sedentary job when in fact the job required a lot of time on the road visiting clients. Kate won the appeal and was also successful at having the Social Security Administration grant the client’s benefits.

Multiple Sclerosis Case Summaries

Kate represented a client who had significant cognitive limitations due to her MS.  She had physical symptoms, but the cognitive limitations were what really impacted her ability to perform her job. The insurance company denied her benefits arguing that she had MS for a while, and nothing had changed so she should have been able to remain at work.  Kate was successful at having the insurance company reverse its decision and pay the client LTD benefits based on the combination of her debilitating MS symptoms.

Chronic Pain Case Summaries

Kate represented a client who had suffered for years with chronic pain. The client had initially gone out on disability as the stress of the pain caused the client significant mental health complications. The insurance company accepted the client’s claim based on mental health status. After paying benefits for two years, the insurer terminated the client’s benefits reasoning that the client’s disability was caused or contributed to by a mental health condition and the policy had a 2-year maximum on any benefits caused or contributed to by a mental health condition. However, because the client’s physical conditions were disabling in and of themselves, Kate appealed and was successful in winning the appeal. This allowed the LTD benefits to continue based on the client’s physical conditions. Kate was also successful at a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge who granted the client’s claim for Social Security Disability benefits based on physical conditions.